After its redesign in 2015, fund-taxation.com decided to begin accepting bylined articles. We believe that this alligns better with our purpose, which is to promote knowledge and awareness on the most topical tax issues pertinent to the investment fund and private mergers and acquisitions industry. Therefore, here you will find the general guideliness for submitting articles.


The articles and related questions should be sent to staff@fund-taxation.com with the subject Bylines.


Fund-taxation.com is dedicated to tax news and document precedent that pertains to the private equity, venture capital, hedge fund and private M&A industry. The readers include the IRS, Treasury, law firms, accounting firms, investment funds, banks, universities and various service providers to the investment industry. While most of the readers have a tax background, this is not always the case. In line with this, topics should be such that would pique the interest of the typical fund-taxation.com reader.


Articles should be relatively short. Ideally, articles should be no more than 1,500 words.


The style of the articles should be conversational and to the point. The emphasis should be on the possible practical implications for our readers or planning and structuring tips.  We are not looking for law school journal studies or policy arguments. While coverage of some esoteric issues is acceptable, the articles should discuss whether in the author’s experience the discussed matter is a real issue (i.e. something that in author’s experience comes up on audit) or some imaginary problem down the line discussed here for educational purposes.

Preferably, the articles should not contain lengthy footnotes, end-notes or citations. To the extent these are needed, they should be contained in the body of the document and in a short form. Blue-book citation format is not required. Also, the article should not contain a Sec. 230 disclaimer. The editorial style of this website assumes that the author’s work does not represent a legal opinion and in any event, the utility of such disclaimers particularly after the amendment of the Circular is dubious.

Form of submission:

We accept articles in MS Word format. The articles should include the author’s name, organization, contact info and a short biography. The author’s name and organization will be featured in the article but no other promotion will be accepted, such as links to the author’s organization.