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Yet Another Upbeat Private Equity Report
January 18, 2011
BDO, one of the largest tax, accounting and consulting companies in the country, released on January 12, 2011 a report titled Private Equity Fund Managers are Expecting a Bigger and Better 2011. For this survey BDO reached out to over 100 senior executives at U.S. PE firms.  The key theme of the survey is that 2010 was better than the last few years and that managers are very upbeat for year 2011, i.e. they expect to close a lot more new deals.  What is somewhat astonishing about the survey is that 69 percent of the managers are actually expecting that deal flow will surpass the 2007 levels by 2012 or later. Only 18 percent said that the 2007 roaring times will never be surpassed and those were "bubbly times."  I've repeatedly posted on this blog about various new upbeat reports coming from the industry, but I find this type of dominating optimism a bit, how should I say, well, overly-alacritous .  Let's hope that the managers surveyed by BDO are actually right.  Only time will tell.  The report could be found here    http://bdo.com/news/pr/1559.
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