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The Private Equity and Venture Capital Tax Manual
May 12, 2011
This blog post is pretty much a shameless self-promotion of the private equity tax book that I’ve been working on for the last few years. It started with the idea of creating a tool that could help me in working on private equity and venture capital deals. At one point I realized that there are too many tax issues that come up in this field, and that there isn’t one unified source that outlines all the issues and discusses their practical implication. I’ve been working in the field since 2005 (first as a tax clerk at BSF, and then as a tax lawyer) and have been very fortunate to be part of a time period that many consider the peak of private equity and venture capital. Thus, I had compiled a great deal of tax related research that dealt with tax problems that came up in various deals. All I had to do was to put this in a systematic and coherent order and voilà, I had a practice manual that I could reference when a new transaction came in. At that point I had no idea that this would turn into a book or if it did, who would publish such a thing.

I am happy to announce that it actually turned into a book, and the ABA agreed to publish it in paper. The book covers most of the tax issues that I know of, or I could think of, that come up in private equity and venture capital deals. I’ve tried to organize them in the most thematic and practice friendly way I could think of: (1) issues at fund level, (2) issues at the operating company level, (3) outbound issues and (4) inbound issues. Even at its 416 pages, however, I can’t make the claim that the book is the absolute comprehensive manual on private equity and venture capital tax. Considering the nature, breadth and complexity of the tax law as it applies to the investment fund industry, I don’t think that such a book is technically possible, although I have tried to create a source that is as complete as possible, at least as far as listing the many tax problems that come up in private equity and venture capital taxation. With this realization in mind, the book is meant to be used as a reference tool and alert the lawyer, accountant or tax professional to a particular tax matter that the practitioner might have forgotten, or simply did not think of. Then, the book outlines a lot of other secondary sources where the reader can find additional discussions regarding a particular matter. Hopefully, this book and the enumerated secondary sources read together could achieve the so-elusive comprehensiveness that I had in mind when I first set out to complete this manual. The book is available for pre-order from the ABA’s book store here.
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