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Why Fund-Taxation?

Our website is dedicated to a specific target audience - tax professionals that work in the private equity, venture capital, hedge fund and private M&A industry. It is a niche with very few competitors, if any.  Tax professionals can access tax news from thousands of different sources, including the IRS' own reading room. However, these sources generally do not put an emphasis on investment and private M&A tax.  Moreover, these sources do not offer a target audience document precedent such as the one offered by fund-taxation.com.  As a result, fund-taxation.com has developed a small, but a high-value audience numbering thousands of registered users. This audience includes various investment funds and related service providers such as law and accounting firms. It also includes education institutions and IRS employees.

Among others, fund-taxation.com could be a suitable advertising option for:
  • Service providers to law and accounting firms, such as software and web developers, translation service providers, or tax related forensics providers or appraisers,
  • Law or accounting firms that provide services to the investment fund industry, such as fund formation or tax related planning,
  • Fund administrators that provide administrative services to the investment fund industry, or
  • Family office administrators.


For advertising, we charge a flat monthly fee based on the following standard zones:
  • Zone A – Rotating 728x90px banner.
  • Zone B – An exclusive sponsor static 300x200px banner.
  • Zone C - Sidebar of 125x125px.
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For specific pricing and availability please contact us at staff@fund-taxation.com and write "advertising" in the subject line.

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For any advertising questions including the current unique visitor count, number of subscribers, or average time spent per visitor, please contact us at staff@fund-taxation.com