Fund-taxation.com was started by a few tax practitioners with the goal of developing a one-stop shop for investment fund and private M&A tax news, including related drafting precedents.  As such, the website is dedicated to all industry tax participants that have an interest in the field of investment fund and private mergers and aquisition taxation, including but not limited to private equity, venture capital and hedge fund taxation. This area of the law abounds with interesting and complicated tax issues that often could present traps for the unwary and could cost fund participants significant sums of money. The purpose of fund-taxation.com is to offer an unbiased discussion of current and other topical developments in the area of investment fund and private M&A taxation, and to present knowledgeable practitioners with a forum for sharing their ideas and thoughts on the topic of private equity, venture capital and hedge fund taxation. This way, practitioners could give back to the profession and bestow the benefit of their thoughts on the people that are just starting in the field or are plainly less knowledgeable in this subject area.  This ultimately would lead to more educated and informed professionals, which should equate to fewer problems for clients, the funds and their investors.

We hope you find this website as useful as we do. If you have any comments please drop us a line at staff@fund-taxation.com